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Assume meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Assume 
Usage of Assume: 1: I assume his train was late 2: Never assume things. 3: The elected Prime Minister will assume office from tomorrow. 4: How did you assume that? 5: We can safely assume that he will accept the job. 6: Ipsen found it tempting to assume 7: However, these theorems assume that general relativity is correct 8: Vilhjálmsson, is intended to assume the office again. 9: He consciously set out to assume a more active role 10: Roosevelt was the youngest person to assume the presidency
Assume ki paribhasha : kisi baat ko achchhi tarah jaan lena kisi ko poojya, aadaraniy ya yogy samajhana

Assume synonyms
guess consider conclude accept infer understand expect presume suspect estimate speculate think conjecture gather theorize divine hypothesize predicate fancy judge deduce deem suppose imagine posit postulate ascertain presuppose find surmise fall for be afraid be inclined to think count upon get the idea have a hunch have sneaking suspicion begin take up embrace arrogate appropriate don confiscate seize enter upon take on take over attend to embark upon set about affect fake feign simulate imitate mimic impersonate bluff act counterfeit put on commandeer expropriate borrow swipe liberate snatch usurp hijack annex grab preempt clap hands on get fingers on get hands on glom onto grab hold of kipe moonlight requisition
Assume antonyms
discard ignore reject disregard misunderstand disbelieve abstain prove doubt forget neglect calculate know not do leave let alone not believe not take complete conclude end finish give offer differ oppose reverse tell truth be original be honest release let go return 
Usage of Assume in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb, transitive verb or intransitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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