Bowl meaning in hindi | Bowl ka matlab 

Bowl meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bowl 
Usage of Bowl: 1: Have another bowl of chicken soup! 2: The bulge of the bowl was visible in the bag. 3: This bowl is made of smoked glass. 4: The cat purred on looking at bowl of Milk. 5: Hold the bowl with pincer to place it on gas stove. 6: Sarah fashioned the clay into a little bowl . 7: I inherited this silver bowl from my aunt . 8: Jane set the bowl of food before the cats . 9: The hills and mountains that border the lake form a bowl 10: California is also home to the oldest college bowl game
Bowl ki paribhasha : jamin par niche oopar phirate hue badhana ya chalana ek vishesh prakaar ki madira jamin par is prakaar chalaana ki niche oopar hota hua kuchh door badhata jaay ek khule muanha, nichi dibaar aur chaudi pendi ka chhota baratan ek prakaar ka sugndhit gond jo svaad men kadua hota hai mndir ke shikhar par laga hua pipala, patthar aadi ka kangoora nal ke aakaar ki bhitar se poli haddi jisamen majja bhi hota hai talavaar ki mooth ke oopar ka gol bhaag

Bowl synonyms
dish pot basin urn crock casserole vessel boat tureen porringer saucer deep dish whirl rotate fling hurl pitch revolve spin throw trundle play duckpins play tenpins 
Usage of Bowl in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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