Carry through meaning in hindi | Carry through ka matlab 

Carry through meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Carry through 
Carry through synonyms
conclude bring about win manage obtain attain work out accomplish do complete reach produce gain earn resolve settle perfect execute get actualize acquire deliver dispatch procure score consummate close discharge negotiate cap seal fulfill bring off bring to pass follow through rack up wind up sign earn wings get done see through finalize implement meet enforce secure actuate buy sell render cause begin unzip invoke induce generate conceive yield initiate create bring on draw on get across turn out do a number do the job do the trick do to a t get to give rise to make it make waves pull it off put across turn the trick do one's thing appoint decree formulate ratify institute determine establish dictate ordain constitute transact command sanction railroad proclaim order fix steamroll get the floor jam through make into law make laws put in force put through railroad through vote favorably vote in go on linger remain stay sustain persist exist hold last outlast abide stand cling superannuate prevail outlive wear carry on hang on hold out ride out live on be left be long lived be timeless have no end hold on keep on never say die perdure run on stay on stick to wear on wear well stop clinch wrap up scrub halt crown scratch terminate culminate shutter fold cease ultimate break up round off round up shut down bag it bring to a close deal with get out of the way hang it up have done with make short work of mop up put finishing touches on sew up top off prepare conduct wage legislate practice declare draft frame draw up engage in function behave observe take operate satisfy perk move react percolate comply dispose of pull off be engaged in carry to completion deliver the goods do justice to do to a turn go that route run with the ball take care of business pursue direct continue follow up work at materialize reify bring to fruition corporealize make concrete make good make happen handle withstand recover bear weather subsist suffer persevere revive outwear come through get on make the cut pull through get through be extant cut it go all the way go the limit keep afloat live down live out live through make a comeback pull out of it remain alive stand up tough it out bear the burden carry one's weight do one's part trigger set off
Carry through antonyms
commence unsettle forfeit destroy ignore create surrender detain imprison unseal begin start halt stop fail lose abandon give up miss neglect pass depart leave spend question wonder bear forget keep yield hold retain open not finish hinder prevent ruin deny disallow refuse veto discourage close overlook dissuade disorganize repeal cease reject discontinue go die quit move disregard schedule set up store introduce initiate maintain save raze demote renounce refute measure idle crush calculate avoid dodge abstain cancel direct exonerate liberate pardon mismanage free 
Usage of Carry through in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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