Clinker meaning in hindi | Clinker ka matlab 

Clinker meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Clinker 
Other : खंगर
Clinker ki paribhasha : adhik pakane ke kaaran paraspar sati hui kai inton ka chak

Clinker synonyms
bracelet cable fetter coupling manacle shackle trammel connection link iron bond lavaliere pendant locket soot hot coal noise upheaval agitation tumult ruckus uproar hubbub buzz ferment outcry brouhaha blare hullabaloo hassle racket convulsion row exclamation babel shouting turmoil to-do hoo-ha bustle din lament pandemonium complaint remonstrance hurly-burly protesting hubba-hubba dissonance disharmony harshness jangle cacophony jarring sour note fuss wrangle disunity disagreement friction strife controversy quarrel discordance contention faction argument dissidence scene static altercation variance trouble difference flak dispute disaccord bickering factionalism bad vibes objection resistance schism opposition denial refusal spat heresy nonconformity conflict split bone of contention nope heterodoxy unorthodoxy nonconformism bone to pick far cry misbelief nonagreement nonconcurrence poles apart discordant dissonant abnormal anomalous deviant divergent flat inharmonious irregular unnatural unmusical not harmonious off-pitch off-tone out of keeping out of pitch out of tune untuned rumpus hue and cry brand slag firebrand coals clinkers cinders ash live coals smoking remnants smoldering remains
Clinker antonyms
silence calm quiet order peace harmony agreement accord concord harmoniousness unity authorization concurrence confirmation ratification conformity approval orthodoxy endorsement acceptance sanction concordant on-key happiness contentedness 
Usage of Clinker in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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