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Even meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Even 
As noun : अउरउ, अउरौ अकेली अनरुअ अनुन्नतानत अनुयोयी अनुरुपना अनुहरत अनुहारि अस इकरस इकसारपु ईंढ एकजीव एकरंग एकरस औपयिक और भी करीन केवल चौरस छौँह, छौँहा ठीक इतना ही ठीक तद्रूप तुल्यकत्क्ष तुल्यजातीय नाईँ निछान— निमन निरवक नीकाश परंच प्रणाय्य प्रतिम प्रसन्नकल्प प्राप्तरूप बहस ‡ मुस्तकीम मुस्तहकिम यहाँ तक की योक्तिक रैट लौँ वहस विषु वैध ‡ शान्त सँवाँ सजनपद सद्दश सधर्म, सधर्मक सप्रमाण सम समतल करना समतल समतूल समसरि समस्थ समांश समान समुढ़ सरीस सरुप सविध सानक सारखा सारीख, सारीखा सारुप्य सार्थवत् सिरखी सुघट्टित सुतरां सुपर्याप्त सुसम सुहूँ सेँठा सै ‡ सोँ ‡ सौँधी स्त्रीक्षेत्र हमतोल हमपल्ला हस्तदक्षिण हेकली
Usage of Even: 1: He was at the apex even in the twilight of his career. 2: A possible thinker knows even indecision is a decision. 3: The king passed through the road without even deigning to look at the people around. 4: The patients groan could be heard even outside the operation room 5: the poor sod couldnt even buy a drink 6: at the time of its appearance, the movie must have seemed excitingly new, even revolutionary 7: When Rahul stood first in his class,it stimulated him to work even harder. 8: She told us all her jokes,but she couldnt even raise a smile. 9: She told us all her jokes,but she couldnt even raise a smile. 10: These injustices embittered her even more
Even ki paribhasha : vah jo sab manushyon, sthaanon aur padaartho aadi ko samaan drashti se dekhata ho jyon ka tyo vaisa hi anyonyaashrit do vastuean ya baaten vah gyaan jo bhraaantishoony aur vishuddh ho jaisa hona chaahiye vaisa thatheron ka ek aujaar jisase ve khurachakar bara— tan chikane karate hai jisaka tal sam ho, oobad khaabad na ho sharir ke antargat paaanch vaayuon men se ek vaayu jisaka sthaan naabhi maana gaya hai maana, maatraa, snkhyaa, guna, mahatva, moolya, aadi ke vichaar se samaan vah raashi jo sam snkhya par pade

Even synonyms
alike square constant direct right flush balanced proportional matching plumb same stable plane horizontal parallel level straight steady equal regular consistent continual continuous homogenous unbroken unchanging uninterrupted unvarying unwavering metrical stabile surfaced true planate undeviating unfluctuating unvaried unwrinkled composed cool equable even-tempered imperturbable peaceful placid serene tranquil unruffled well-balanced equanimous unexcitable equivalent tied drawn exact comparable identical proportionate similar coequal neck and neck equalized coterminous even-steven fifty-fifty horse to horse on a par smack in the middle nonpartisan disinterested dispassionate equitable fair and square honest just straightforward unbiased unprejudiced indeed much despite notwithstanding disregarding all the more in spite of so much as pancake stabilize grade align lay roll flatten regularize symmetrize
Even antonyms
dishonest inconstant unstable unsteady varying interrupted disloyal untrustworthy intermittent uneven indirect changing unfair unjust disproportionate inconsistent unlike variable wobbly vertical disparate agitated biased irregular wavering broken rough corrupt imbalanced unequal different unfixed upright disorderly troubled partial annoyed excited upset dissimilar divergent lump break furrow roughen unmatch 
Usage of Even in sentences

The word is used as adjective adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb, adverb, adjective or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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