Extract meaning in hindi | Extract ka matlab 

Extract meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Extract 
Usage of Extract: 1: Equipment was also developed to extract oxygen from sea water. 2: Collip worked day and night to improve the ox-pancreas extract 3: Next the shells are removed to extract the nib. 4: Procter & Gamble researchers learned how to extract the oil 5: "a way to extract and make great quantityes of pitch 6: It will then be stored by farmers before scutching to extract fibres. 7: He needed to extract riches from the Congo, not expend them. 8: There is an extract from a hymn to Diana from Layamon's 12th century poem Brut. 9: This theme is continued in the short extract titled from Canto CXII 10: Illegal detentions and torture to extract confessions have also become rampant.
Extract ki paribhasha : raaja ka apane laabh ya kar aadi ke liye praja ko duःkh dena buri avastha se achchhi avastha men aana kisi padaarth men ka moola, mukhya, kaam kaa, ya asali bhaag

Extract synonyms
juice excerpt clipping selection concentrate essence abstract citation distillation infusion passage cutting distillate elicitation decoction cull extort derive separate wrest exact glean reap obtain pluck siphon pry extricate withdraw squeeze wring pull gather extirpate secure get tear express garner evoke uproot eradicate yank take bring out eke out pick up avulse catheterize evulse press out weed out cut out evolve shorten quote cite deduce choose abridge copy bring forth
Extract antonyms
refusal insertion disperse misunderstand refuse reject give divide spread plant help lose fail fix stop add put in edit in enlarge increase lengthen expand 
Usage of Extract in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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