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Extreme meaning in hindi

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As noun : अंतित अंदधुंध अगाधा अघोर अतिशय अतिसय अतें अत्यन्त अधिकतम अनगन० अनमनीय अनेड़ा अन्तिम सीमा अबेश अमाम अमोगाँ अलग्ग अल्पेतर अवच्छुरित आखिरी आरात् उगर उगरअ उग्रदंड उद्गगाढ उद्वेल उरेपु उर्वरित ओलग कठुर कठेठ, कठेठा कठोर कमठान कर्कस क्रक्कस ग्राव घने घनेरे चंड़ चरम चरमसीमा चित्रश्री जाजा ज्यादती टोँका तीव्र दरकिनार दारुनि दुःखछिन्न दूर दूरतम धकाधक नितांत निविरीश निविरीस नुक्कड परम पर्म ‡ पर्ष पोढा़ प्रच्ंअड प्रतूर्ण, प्रतूर्त प्रविविक्त फरके फरक्क ‡ बहीय बहुत बहुत्त बहुमुख बहोत बीकट बोहला बोहोत बौत भूयः भूरिशः भृशदारुण मर्मव्यथा लुस्त लोचनपरुप वज्रमय वज्रहृदय विगाढ़ विरुक्ष विस्तरता विस्तुर व्यायत शीघ्रीय शोर्ष संकीन सख्त समद्धत समशीतोष्ण साधिष्ठ सिरा स्फिर हरचंद हलब्बी ‡
Usage of Extreme: 1: orders have recently picked up after a period of extreme softness 2: The nordic regions have extreme winter. 3: An extreme example
An extreme conservative
The extreme edge of town
4: heavy metal guitar players use vacuum tube amplifiers to produce extreme distortion 5: he was hospitalized for extreme fatigue 6: A pair of stockings when worn in winter prevents you from extreme cold. 7: We have to go to the extreme edge of town to find him. 8: I conditioned myself to the extreme cold . 9: Shakan methods were not so extreme 10: In his final years he suffered from extreme sensitivity to light
Extreme ki paribhasha : brahma ki aadhi aayu desha, kaal ya snbndh aadi ke vichaar se bahut antar par .... kuchh ooancha aur apane sthaan se badha hua svar lnbaayi ke do chhoron men se koi ek sabase nikrasht ya kharaab jahaaan na to bahut garmi ho aur na shit jisaki satah dabaane se na deb ya mushkil se deb jo parimaan men alp ya nyoon na ho parimaana, maapa, snkhya aadi men sabase adhik praachin shaastrakaaron ke anusaar

Extreme synonyms
acute severe utmost intense uttermost top sovereign maximum high consummate highest supreme maximal unusual excessive harsh remarkable egregious exaggerated radical irrational exceptional unreasonable outrageous extraordinary dire drastic sheer absolute gross desperate stern downright extravagant fabulous fanatical flagrant immoderate improper imprudent inordinate intemperate nonsensical out-and-out preposterous rabid rigid strict thorough unbending uncommon uncompromising unconventional unseemly zealous overkill out of proportion terminal last final farthest outermost far-off furthermost outmost most distant remotest depth height zenith consummation climax crown pole culmination nadir apex boundary crest apogee ceiling peak pinnacle acme extremity edge termination bitter end inordinancy nth degree
Extreme antonyms
least lowest unimportant dull calm mild moderate inferior limited close near usual pleasing logical sensible uncertain common familiar normal regular reasonable easy nice ordinary good initial introductory beginning opening starting first nadir commencement inside interior minimum bottom base 
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The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb, adverb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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