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How much energy is possessed by a moving body by virtue of its motion? By definition, we say that the kinetic energy of a body moving with a certain velocity is equal to the work done on it to make it acquire that velocity.Although some aspects of our identity are determined by physical characteristics, we may acquire other aspects as a consequence of our interaction with others in society.Do we define something as classical if it deals with a religious theme? Or do we consider it classical because it appears to require a great deal of skill acquired through long years of training? Or is it classical because it is performed according to rules that are laid down, and variations are not encouraged? These are questions we need to think about.For example, when the instalment paid in respect of a fixed asset acquired on deferred payment basis includes both interest and loan, the interest element is classified under financing activities and the loan element is classified under investing activities.The initiative came from those non-Brahman castes that had acquired access to education, wealth and influence.The value of the acquired assets, also equal to Rs 5, is entered under the appropriate head on the Assets side.India's IT revolution is a striking instance of how the importance of human capital has come to acquire a higher position than that of material plant and machinery.In late-nineteenthcentury Kerala, a younger generation of English-educated Nayar men who had acquired property and wealth on their own, began arguing strongly against Nambuthiri alliances with Nayar women.The term 'skill' may be defined as proficiency, facility or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training and experience.Similarly, RBI acquires debt bonds or securities issued by the government and pays the government by issuing currency in return.He probably began his career as an actor in London, and he earned enough as author to acquire landed property.For example, preference shares of a company acquired shortly before their specific redemption date, provided there is only insignificant risk of failure of the company to repay the amount at maturity.The process of putting the stimulus we have received into some predetermined category develops as we acquire language.In all these examples, the objects acquire, through different means, the capability of doing work.Even the Italian language had not acquired one common form and still had many regional and local variations.

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