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Therefore, the problem faced in this situation is how to use the available information in the incomplete records to ascertain the profit or loss for the particular accounting year and to determine the financial position of a entity as at the end of the year.They also relieve the retailers of maintaining large stock of articles and extend credit facilities to them.Today, the railways have become more important in our national economy than all other means of transport put together.Why do you think they took that decision? Now here is a story from Thailand.The wholesalers purchase in bulk and sell in relatively small quantities to the retailers.[wails] Fetch him! [yells] He's coming, I tell you.Despite the absence of censorship by the government, most newspapers nowadays still fail to provide a balanced story.Its seamen sailed far and near, thus, carrying and spreading Indian commerce and culture.They should be such that can be made available to others in an equal measure.The animals are poached for collection and illegal trade of hides, skins, nails, teeth, horns as well as feathers.Roads were widened, new railway stations came up, railway lines were extended, tunnels dug, drainage and sewers laid, rivers embanked.If the company fails to receive the same within the said period, the company cannot proceed for the allotment of shares and application money should be returned within 130 days of the date of issue of prospectus.Wholesalers collect small orders from number of retailers and pass on the pool of such orders to manufacturers and make purchases in bulk quantities.The retailers sometimes provide credit facilities to their regular buyers.So imports of British steel into India declined dramatically and the Indian Railways turned to TISCO for supply of rails.

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