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Breaking the poverty cycle, and helping the poor to attain self-sufficiency — Initially, financial relief, medical and other facilities may have to be provided to the poor.So two hydrogen atoms share their electrons to form a molecule of hydrogen, H This allows each hydrogen atom to attain the electronic configureuration of the nearest noble gas, helium, which has two electrons in its K shell.In order to understand the dynamic nature of the reaction, synthesis of ammonia is carried out with exactly the same starting conditions (of partial pressure and temperature) but using D2 (deuterium) in place of H The reaction mixtures starting either with H2 or D2 reach equilibrium with the same composition, except that D2 and ND3 are present instead of H2 and NH After equilibrium is attained, these two mixtures are mixed together and left for a while.focuses on specific and time-bound targets and thus, helps in attainment of organisational objectives.Directing helps to initiate action by people in the organisation towards attainment of desired objectives.Experiment 1, 2, 3 and 4 were performed taking different concentrations of H2 and / or I2, and with time it was observed that intensity of the purple colour remained constant and equilibrium was attained.The person may be very close to the goal, and yet does not attain it.This implies that the number of water molecules from the gaseous state into the liquid state also increases till the equilibrium is attained.In the case of carbon, it has four electrons in its outermost shell and needs to gain or lose four electrons to attain noble gas configureuration.He insisted that caste, creed or gender was irrelevant for attaining liberation.This was also the period when colonial empires were collapsing and many countries were attaining independence.The cells of this zone, attain their maximal size in terms of wall thickening and protoplasmic modifications.Equilibrium constant is applicable only when concentrations of the reactants and products have attained their equilibrium state.When the number of molecules leaving the liquid to vapour equals the number of molecules returning to the liquid from vapour, equilibrium is said to be attained and is dynamic in nature.A cooperative goal, on the other hand, is one in which each individual can attain the goal only if other members of the group also attain the goal.

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