Cheap example sentences

More and more MNCs are looking for locations around the world that are cheap for their production.Toys are now cheaper in the Indian markets than earlier.These contractors drove the local people away and got cheap labour from outside.Magazines were attractive since they were illustrated and cheap.They buy grain where it is cheaply available and carry it to places where it is dearer.Cheap jacks are those petty retailers who have independent shops of a temporary nature in a business location.These large MNCs with worldwide network look for the cheapest goods in order to maximise their profits.Between these mines and Pittsburgh is one of the world's best routes for shipping ore cheaply – the famous Great Lakes waterway.There are many who are not able to afford the cheapest of goods while others are busy shopping in malls., These small vendors are commonly found at street crossing or other places where flow of traffic is heavy and deal mainly in goods of cheap variety like hosiery products, toys, cigarettes, soft drinks, etc.GET a cheap room in the centre of town and sleep for hours.Besides, a host of services such as data entry, accounting, administrative tasks, engineering are now being done cheaply in countries such as India and are exported to the developed countries.Obtaining funds through factoring is cheaper than financing through other means such as bank credit; With cash flow accelerated by factoring, the client is able to meet his/her liabilities promptly as and when these arise; Factoring as a source of funds is flexible and ensures a definite pattern of cash inflows from credit sales.Chinese toys will no longer be as cheap in the Indian markets and imports from China will automatically reduce.It wanted to produce opium at a cheap rate and sell it at a high price to opium agents in Calcutta, who then shipped it to China.

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