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The modern lifestyle of excesses in eating, drinking and the so called fast-paced good life has led to violation of basic principles of health in some of us, as to what we eat, think or do with our lives.But what has democracy got to do with it? Do we have poverty because we are democratic or do we have poverty despite being a democracy? Whatever, how does it make a difference? The point is that this can't be the best form of government.He or she may wonder what to do with workers not willing to work to their potential.What shall we do with you?” And Sulekha said in a voice that was calm and steady, “Don't you worry, Pitaji! In your old age I will serve you and Mother and I will teach in the same school where I learnt so much.What do the farmers do with the wheat? They retain a part of the wheat for the family's consumption and sell the surplus wheat.Don't you remember, I refused to have anything to do with it?” “Of course, I do.Whereas people in slums have to make do with less than 20 litres a day per person (one bucket), people living in luxury hotels may consume as much as 1,600 litres (80 buckets) of water per day.Could the huge success of the novel have anything to do with the fact that it dealt with a period of medieval history that.What do people do with this extra cash? They deposit it with the banks by opening a bank account in their name.Why is it so ? Has it something to do with their structures and the hybridisation ? You have read that hydrogen atoms in ethyne are attached to the sp hybridised carbon atoms whereas they are attached to sp2 hybridised carbon atoms in ethene and sp3 hybridised carbons in ethane.How crowded a country is, has little to do with its level of economic development.Yet, as we have seen, the work that women do within the home is not recognised as work.“I have a pet bird which sings the most charming songs to me and I don't know what on earth I should do with a green and yellow parrot.What does Tejpal Singh do with his earnings? Last year, Tejpal Singh had put most of the money in his bank account.I am constantly filled with wonder at the number of things that other people do without any evident difficulty that are pretty much beyond me.

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