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The effect of management is noticeable in an organisation where targets are met according to plans, employees are happy and satisfied, and there is orderliness instead of chaos.The main reason for high rate of employee turnover is lack of motivation.Consider the following examples: A supervisor explains a worker about operations to be carried by him on a lathe machine, A mining engineer explains about safety precautions to be followed while working in a coal mine, A Managing Director declares share in the profits to the managers for their contribution to inhance profits of the company, and A manager inspires his/her employees by playing a lead role in performing a work.Its relationship with EmpId column of Employees table must also be specified to ensure referential integrity.Growth of a business can be measured in terms of sales volume increase in the number of employees, the number of products or the increase in capital investment, etc.In Tata Steel several initiatives have been taken to further improve the motivation levels and participation in the decision making process of the officers, greater impetus to training through a formalised system of a personal development programme, talent review and job rotation systems, compensation linked to the performance management system, formal rewards and recognition systems, knowledge management systems linked with appraisals, leadership opportunities in quality circles, continuous improvement and value engineering programmes and an extremely transparent and credible multi-path communication system to address queries and concerns of all employees through various dialogues both formal and online, with such tools as video conferencing, MD Online , special dialogues with senior management, meetings, conferences and seminars.The boss does not grasp the message and the employee is disappointed.It should bring out untappted energies of employees for the efficiency of organisation.For example, employee entity is strong because it finds its primary key in EmpId which is one of its unique attribute.This column as per design is expected to refer to EmpId column of Employees table and therefore must be defined as foreign key.In PREPARED BY relationship type, EMPLOYEE plays the role of document creator and voucher plays the role of document created.The organisation may expect employees to improve productivity to achieve expected profits.This requires establishing an atmosphere that encourages employees to do their best.This communication may take place between a superior and subordinate, a subordinate and superior or among same cadre employees or managers.Communication helps to boost morale of employees and managers.

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