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“Thinking probably that he would not give way, the representative of the planters offered to refund to the extent of 25 per cent, and to his amazement Mr.For example, we may ask a child to indicate the extent to which statements such as “I am good at homework”, or “I am the one usually chosen for the games”, or “I am highly liked by my peers”, are true of her/ him.But, broadly speaking we can say that the extent of dissociation of an acid depends on the strength and polarity of the H-A bond.People try to express their capabilities, potentials and talents to the fullest extent possible.For example, it may be difficult to know the extent of the relative impact of the social, economic, political, technological or legal factors on change in demand of a product in the market.They may also affect the nature and extent of negative reactions to crowding.It is found in the elemental form in the atmosphere to the extent of 21%.To what extent has globalisation contributed to the development process? This section draws on the topics covered in Chapters 1 and 2 (for example, what is a fair development goal), which you can refer to.The Himalaya consists of three parallel ranges in its longitudinal extent.The President of India is like the Queen of Britain whose functions are to a large extent ceremonial.Although some defence against anxiety is normal and adaptive, people who use these mechanisms to such an extent that reality is truly distorted develop various forms of maladjustment.The investors, for example, may be interested in knowing the extent of profit or loss earned by the firm during a given period and compare it with the performance of other similar enterprises.Look at Figureure 3 and note that the latitudinal and longitudinal extent of the mainland is about 30°.The latitudinal extent influences the duration of the day and night, as one moves from south to north.The international business as it exists today is to a great extent the result of geographical specialisation as pointed out above.

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