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In other words redemption of debentures means repayment of the amount of debentures by the company.Irredeemable debentures are also known as Perpetual Debentures because the company does not given any undertaking for the repayment of money borrowed by issuing such debentures.Cheques issued but not presented for payment will reduce the balance as per the passbook.So we can calculate the aggregate value of goods and services produced in the economy by any of the three methods (a) measuring the aggregate value of factor payments (income method) (b) measuring the aggregate value of goods and services produced by the firms (product method) (c) measuring the aggregate value of spending received by the firms (expenditure method).Means discharge of liability on account of debenture/bond by repayment made to debenture holders.Sometimes a company purchases assets from vendors and instead of making payment in cash issues debentures for consideration thereof.It contains a contract for repayment of principal after a specified period or at intervals or at the option of the company and for payment of interest at a fixed rate payable usually either half-yearly or yearly on fixed dates.It relates to those expenses incurred for the normal functioning of the government departments and various services, interest payments on debt incurred by the government, and grants given to state governments and other parties.Exclude the capital receipts and capital payments as these are to be shown in the Balance Sheet.Credit (loan) refers to an agreement in which the lender supplies the borrower with money, goods or services in return for the promise of future payment.The group decides as regards the loans to be granted — the purpose, amount, interest to be charged, repayment schedule etc.First charge implies the priority in repayment of loan.The government affects the personal disposable income of households by making transfer payments and collecting taxes and, therefore, can alter the income distribution.The exporter wants this document to be sure that there is no risk of non-payment.While the former records both capital and revenue receipts and payments relating to any accounting year, the latter records only revenue items relating to the current accounting year.

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