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Data processing involves the technique of collecting, sorting, relating, interpreting and computing data items in such a manner as to provide meaningful and useful information for decisionmaking.Shares cannot be converted into debentures whereas debentures can be converted into shares if the terms of issue so provide, and in that case these are known as convertible debentures.In a similar way, Provision for repairs and renewals may also be created to provide for expected repair and renewal of the fixed assets.The accounting information provided by such organisations is meant for the present and potential contributors meet the statutory requirement.Each district and block can be made self sufficient in foodgrain production if government provides proper agricultural infrastructure, credit linkages and also encourages the use of latest techniques.Family and friends also provide informational support about stressful events.The government has passed laws that make it mandatory for organisations that have more than 30 women employees to provide crèche facilities.These shares provide a preferential right to the shareholders with respect to payment of earnings and the repayment of capital.Generally, the cost of CP to the issuing firm is lower than the cost of commercial bank loans; A commercial paper provides a continuous source of funds.In India, the Gulf of Kuchchh, provides ideal conditions for utilising tidal energy.HCl provides the acidic pH (pH 8) optimal for pepsins.It is attributes together provide the structure of transaction data.IBRD also provides loans but these carry interest charged on commercial basis.As against this, the multiple shops provide very limited service confined to guarantees and repairs if the sold out goods turn out to be defective.The shares can be reissued even at a discount provided the amount of discount allowed does not exceed the credit balance of forfeited shares' account relating to shares being reissued.

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