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These are capital goods and they gradually undergo wear and tear, and thus are repaired or gradually replaced over time.Thus, we can realistically assume that there will be a steady flow of actual replacement spending which will more or less match the amount of annual depreciation being accounted for in that economy.This involves denying or minimising the seriousness of the situation; it also involves conscious suppression of stressful thoughts and their replacement by self-protective thoughts.One immediate result was the replacement of the curved bat with the straight one.In addition, hydrogen atom or atoms on these carbon chains can be replaced by any of the functional groups that we saw above.Within a year, 70 to 80 per cent of the toy shops have replaced Indian toys with Chinese toys.This transformation was made up of many smaller changes: the replacement of the gentlemanly amateur by the paid professional, the triumph of the one-day game as it overshadowed Test cricket in terms of popularity, and the remarkable changes in global commerce and technology.It was a cold and windy fall day, and we had a fire going in our fireplace.If aluminium atoms replace few silicon atoms in three-dimensional network of silicon dioxide, overall structure known as aluminosilicate, acquires a negative charge.During the period of rising prices, the market value or the cost at (which the assets can be replaced are higher than the value at which these are shown in the book of accounts) leading to hidden profits.A new French flag, the tricolour, was chosen to replace the former royal standard.We can also observe here that unless the current production of capital goods is entirely used up for replacement of old capital stock, which in most instances is rather unlikely, i.e. if there is a net addition to capital stock at the end of this year's production cycle, next year's production commences with a larger stock of capital.If excess of electrophilic reagent is used, further substitution reaction may take place in which other hydrogen atoms of benzene ring may also be successively replaced by the electrophile.Use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG ) for vehicles to replace liquid fuels is gaining wide popularity in the country.It determines how many times stock is purchased or replaced during a year.

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