Rust example sentences

As there is no personal contact between the buyers and the sellers under the system of mail order selling, there are greater possibilities of misunderstanding and mistrust between the two.The people entrusted with the management of cooperative stores lack expertise as they are not trained in running the stores efficiently.Political parties are one of the least trusted institutions all over the world.Charge is an incumbrance to meet the obligation under trust deed under which company agrees to mortgage specific portion either by way of first or second charge.Later on, as more information was gathered about the causes of aggression, it became clear that frustration is not the only, or even a major cause of aggression.The abundance of boron in earth crust is less than 0.The outer crust of the Earth is called the lithosphere.An attempt is made to examine whether the focus is on the frustrating object, or on protection of the frustrated person, or on constructive solution of the problem.This test was developed by Rosenzweig to assess how people express aggression in the face of a frustrating situation.This will also help in reducing crime and violence by reducing frustration, and by encouraging the poor to earn their livelihood through legal rather than illegal means.Political parties do not enjoy much trust among the people in South Asia.There could be a number of causes of frustration such as social discrimination, interpersonal hurt, low grades in school, etc.Normally, these organisations do not undertake any business activity, and are managed by trustees who are fully accountable to their members and the society for the utilization of the funds raised for meeting the objectives of the organisation.In one of the experiments conducted to examine the effects of frustration, children were prevented from getting some attractive toys that were visible through a screen.As expected, frustrated persons did demonstrate more aggression than non-frustrated persons.

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