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This activity can provide productive employment to not just farmers but also others such as those in services like transport or trade.In such a situation, the interest income on sports fund investments is added to the sports fund and all expenses on sports deducted therefrom.The book, published in 1857, became popular and helped spread the ideas of what came to be called muscular Christianity that believed that healthy citizens had to be moulded through Christian ideals and sports.Commerce, therefore, includes both, buying and selling of goods i.e., trade as well as auxiliaries such as transport, banking, etc.Cricket was the earliest modern team sport to be codified.Ethephon in an aqueous solution is readily absorbed and transported within the plant and releases ethylene slowly.Rickshawallahs, tongawallahs, jeep, tractor, truck drivers and people driving the traditional bullock cart and bogey are people in the transport services.Apart from an important means of transport the Indian Railways have been a great integrating force for more than 150 years.Goods held in stock as well as goods in course of transport are subject to the risk of loss or damage due to theft, fire, accidents, etc.They are carried by surface mail, covering land and water transport.It develops software for companies in the technology, transportation and leisure sectors, across the world.Environmental chemistry deals with the study of the origin, transport, reactions, effects and fates of chemical species in the environment.In sports, that would be like making the big leagues at the age of fifteen and hitting a home run your first time at bat*.For a long time, trade and transport were restricted to a limited space.Tourism and transportation have emerged as major components of international trade in services.

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