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Men, women and children probably observed several things: the places where edible plants were found, how seeds broke off stalks, fell on the ground, and new plants sprouted from them.लोगों का ध्यान कुछ बातों की ओर गया जैसे खाने योग्य वनस्पतियाँ कहाँ-कहाँ मिल सकती हैं, बीज कैसे अपनी डंठल से टूट कर गिरते हैं, गिरे बीजों का अंकुरण और उनसे पौधों का निकलना आदि|The variety of grasses that sprouted provided rich nutritious forage for the animal herds.This is the second-flush or sprouting period, isn t it, Mr Barua? Rajvir asked.Groups of tea-pluckers, with bamboo baskets on their backs, wearing plastic aprons, were plucking the newly sprouted leaves.Bryophyllum (sprout leaf plant) has buds in the margins of leaves (Figureure 1 4).Several beetles and grubs were feeding on the heap and a bunch of seedlings was sprouting.Ethylene breaks seed and bud dormancy, initiates germination in peanut seeds, sprouting of potato tubers.

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