To arrive example sentences

It is easy to arrive at an expression for the gravitational potential energy of an object at a height.This helps the ships to arrive at the harbour more easily.The difference between the opening and closing capital represents its increase or decrease which is to be adjusted for withdrawals made by the owner or any fresh capital introduced by him during the accounting period in order to arrive at the amount of profit or loss made during the period.Financial accounting assists keeping a systematic record of financial transactions the preparation and presentation of financial reports in order to arrive at a measure of organisational success and financial soundness.Therefore, the increase in current assets and decrease in current liabilities are added to the net profit, and the decrease in current assets and increase in current liabilities are deducted from the net profit so as to arrive at the exact amount of net cash flow from operating activities.The aim is not to arrive at a correct answer, but to let every child voice an opinion and express her/his ideas.Another compound formed between carbon and hydrogen is ethane with a formula of C2H In order to arrive at the structure of simple carbon compounds, the first step is to link the carbon atoms together with a single bond (Figureure 6a) and then use the hydrogen atoms to satisfy the remaining valencies of carbon.As stated earlier, it may be noted that while working out the cash flow from operating activities, the starting point is the 'Net profit before tax and extraordinary items' and not the 'Net profit as per Profit and Loss Account', and that the income tax paid is deducted there from as the last item to arrive at the net cash flow from operating activities.We have to deduct UP from NI to arrive at PI, since UP does not accrue to the households.

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