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Cost (also known as original cost or historical cost) of an asset includes invoice price and other costs, which are necessary to put the asset in use or working condition.The knowledge of areas which are working better helps you improve the situation further.He also contributed to working out the complete biosynthetic pathway; hence it was called Calvin cycle after him.Most people are working in the unorganised sectors and protection is necessary for them.Since parties are the most visible face of democracy, it is natural that people blame parties for whatever is wrong with the working of democracy.The weavers and their families spend long hours working on these looms.In its wake, new social groups came into being: a working-class population, and middle classes made up of industrialists, businessmen, professionals.In this case, Salim obtains credit to meet the working capital needs of production.In fact, if we add up the housework and the work, women do outside the home, we find that women spend much more time working than men and have much less time for leisure.Consider the following examples: A supervisor explains a worker about operations to be carried by him on a lathe machine, A mining engineer explains about safety precautions to be followed while working in a coal mine, A Managing Director declares share in the profits to the managers for their contribution to inhance profits of the company, and A manager inspires his/her employees by playing a lead role in performing a work.In addition to the role of the government in ensuring food security, there are various cooperatives and NGOs also working intensively towards this direction.The Civil Servants, working together, are responsible for taking steps to implement the ministers' decisions.The dependence of the unemployed on the working population increases.Prof Ahmad was a scientist working in the university.Even after working in this factory for several years, she is a temporary worker and earns less than half of what she was earning earlier.

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