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Focus meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Focus 
Usage of Focus: 1: an imaginative dispersal of the pews radially from the central focus of the pulpit 2: at their edges things were pretty much out of focus 3: the focus of activity shifted to molecular biology 4: He was the focus of all attention at the party.
He has taken the photographs without properly focussing his camera causing the images to blurr.
5: He fell as he could not focus his eyes in the semidarkness of the hall. 6: The scene was out of focus . 7: With independence in 1966 came a focus on black Barbadian culture 8: Gilligan's theory of moral development does not focus on the value of justice. 9: Albanian composers came to focus on ballets 10: Their focus was on human experience
Focus ki paribhasha : jaraayuj jntuon ke pet ki bichobich vah chihn ya gaddha jahaaan garbhaavastha men jaraayunaal jud rahata hai vah vindu jahaaanpar prakaash ki chhitaraayi hui kiranen ekatr hon kisi vratt ke andar ka vah vindu jisase paridhi tak khinchi hui sab rekhaaean paraspar baraabar hon vah jisake bhitar padkar chijen dikhaayi padti hain

Usage of Focus in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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