Get under skin meaning in hindi | Get under skin ka matlab 

Get under skin meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Get under skin 
Get under skin synonyms
annoy bother infuriate irk madden needle pester ruffle upset get in one's hair push one's buttons rattle one's cage inflame anger incite aggravate hack ire umbrage whip up t-off ask for it make blood boil make see red steam up sour disturb peeve confuse gall rankle offend chafe try affront burn distemper roil nettle harass abrade rasp grate pain bug fret put out drive up the wall get on nerves ignite displease excite arouse whet kindle stimulate galvanize move sting mortify quicken motivate wound goad stir prick absorb spur miff grab egg on work up goose fire up get a rise out of give a hard time give the business make waves acerbate rub one the wrong way get one's goat try one's patience embitter agitate exacerbate try the patience of disgust raise foment abet perturb nag insult exercise hit where one lives set on work into lather get on one's nerves get to ruffle one's feathers perplex disquiet torment embarrass afflict hassle molest worry depress plague trouble tease ride harry turn off be at give a bad time grate on tick off
Get under skin antonyms
calm comfort placate soothe delight gladden appease pacify please make happy compose aid organize alleviate assuage mollify assist encourage order help lull quiet dissuade compliment misunderstand extinguish bore depress discourage satisfy dull tranquilize hinder ignore gratify prevent stop fail lose end halt cheer support 
Usage of Get under skin in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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