Gross meaning in hindi | Gross ka matlab 

Gross meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Gross 
Usage of Gross: 1: his gross income was enough that he had to file a tax return 2: Stop making such gross errors. 3: Those horrible pictures just gross me out . 4: The day was just gross . 5: The state's total gross state product for 2005 was US$113.5 billion. 6: The gross city product of Osaka for fiscal year 2004 was ¥21.3 trillion 7: It cost the Soviets an even higher share of their gross national product. 8: The total gross state product in 2005 for Louisiana was US168 billion 9: Inflation dropped and gross domestic product grew 10: California is responsible for 13% of the United States gross domestic product .
Gross ki paribhasha : jisake paas sab kuchh ho vah padaarth jisaka saadhaaranataya indriyon dvaara grahan ho sake jisaka ansh ya vibhaag na kiya gaya ho athava jisake tukade ya vibhaag na hue hon vyaaj denevaala sabha ya goshthi men baithane ke naakaabil jisako chhune se haath men karan ya rave gade bagal bndi naamak pahanane ka vastr jisake sharir men aavashyakata se aadhik maans ho saahityashaastr ke anusaar kaavyaadi men aise shavdon ka prayog jinase brida, jugupsa aur amngal ki abhi- vyakti hoti ho jisaki banaavat men ang pratyng ki saapekshik chhotaayi badai ka dhyaan na rakha gaya ho

Gross synonyms
heavy hulking great overweight stout husky thick big bulky chubby corpulent dense fleshy lumpish massive obese porcine portly unwieldy weighty adipose aggregate entire complete all outright before deductions before tax in sum whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shebang barnyard offensive ribald callous foul raw rank rough dull low boorish breezy carnal cheap coarse corporeal crass fleshly ignorant improper impure indecent indelicate inelegant insensitive lewd loudmouthed low-minded lustful obscene raunchy scatological sensual sexual sleazy smutty tasteless ugly uncouth uncultured unfeeling unrefined unseemly unsophisticated voluptuous in the gutter swinish undiscriminating perfect sheer plain manifest absolute capital shocking glaring extreme arrant blatant downright egregious excessive exorbitant flagrant grievous heinous immoderate inordinate out-and-out outrageous serious shameful unmitigated unqualified entirety totality sum total earn make take in
Gross antonyms
insignificant unimportant skinny underweight slender net moral polite hidden obscured vague little slight small weak thin part partial clean modified incomplete unfinished kind pleasing honest healthy nice decent sensitive good sophisticated imperfect indefinite uncertain unclear ambiguous concealed flawed inferior moderate limited fraction lose 
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The word is used as adjective noun, verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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