Matter meaning in hindi | Matter ka matlab 

Matter meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Matter 
Usage of Matter: 1: The matter has been refered to the committee. 2: The matter was sent to the tribunal. 3: Lets leave the matter open. 4: our views on this matter coincided 5: our views on this matter coincided 6: He is deeply interested in the matter of religion. 7: Interstellar matter contains mostly hydrogen with dust grain. 8: The distributed matter has been reset. 9: He clearly impugned on the matter of partition. 10: I was impelled to investigate the matter further.
Matter ki paribhasha : saarthak shabd ya vaaky ve padaarth jinaka kisi vishesh kaary men upayog hota hai vah jisaki vaastavika, kaalpanik athava snbhaavit parntu doosaron se prathak satta ho vah jisaka koi naam ho aur jisaka gyaan praapt kiya ja sake ek parimaan jo bis paseri ka hota hai vah bad pradesh jisapar koi shaasan vyavastha ho kisi shalok ya chhnd aadi ka vah antim pad ya tukad jo poora shlok ya chhnd vanaane ke liye taiyaar karake doosaron ko diya jaata hai aur jis ke aadhaar par poora shlok ya chhnd banaaya jaata hai vah padaarth jo kriya aur gun athava keval gun ka aashray ho adhik aavashyak ya parinaamajanak apane apane vishayon le hndriyon ki nivratti

Matter synonyms
thing material element body individual phenomenon being sum object entity amount stuff quantity constituents substantiality protoplasm corporeality corporeity materialness physical world affair transaction proceeding business circumstance question job topic incident situation event lookout episode occurrence undertaking bag nub goings-on shooting match point argument theme interest sense head motif purport text focus motive context resolution subject matter neighborhood extent weight range note vicinity content upshot core gist moment burden tune meat pith magnitude order predicament to-do distress grievance upset complication perplexity trouble worry infection discharge pus ulceration maturation suppuration purulence count signify involve imply affect express value carry weight be important be of value be substantive cut ice have influence make a difference mean something
Matter antonyms
abstract concept nothing nothingness zero insignificance inanimate meaninglessness unemployment exterior outside triviality unimportance exteriority happiness advantage solution peace exclude 
Usage of Matter in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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