Mortification meaning in hindi | Mortification ka matlab 

Mortification meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mortification 
Usage of Mortification: 1: The mortification by her uncle made her depressed. 2: Aquinas was supposed to participate in the mortification process. 3: abstain from food or certain foods, in a spirit of devotion, mortification 4: Essence religious practices and doctrines, mortification of the senses and the spirit 5: Fasting is a mortification 6: Gangrene is a mortification of the flesh, necrosis of mortification bones 7: It also said figuratively and means to make somebody feel mortification 8: It says specifically a religious practice, an act of devotion, which is to abstain from meats spirit of mortification 9: Medical Kind dry gangrene, mortification of tissues
Mortification ki paribhasha : sharir ko kasht dene vaale ve vrat aur niyam aadi jo chitt ko shuddh aur vishayon se nivratt karane ke liye kiye jaayan

Mortification synonyms
abasement disgrace affront embarrassment condescension chagrin dishonor degradation shame put-down ignominy resignation bring down humbling loss of face
Mortification antonyms
esteem honor respect 
Usage of Mortification in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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