Petiole meaning in hindi | Petiole ka matlab 

Petiole meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Petiole 
Usage of Petiole: 1: Botanical Who is carried by a petiole Sessile vs 2: In terms of Botany, combined Leaves, Leaves compound with the leaflets are arranged on both sides of the petiole pairs 3: In terms of Botany, surcomposée Leaf, Leaf petiole which is divided into several secondary petioles, which are themselves divided and subdivided 4: umbilicated leaf petiole attached sheet at the middle of its surface, which is a bit depressed, and where the ribs diverge from a common center as 5: winged Leaves, Leaves including petiole door on each side several leaflets
Petiole ki paribhasha : naram chhaal ke jhaadon aur paudhon ka dhad aur tahani

Usage of Petiole in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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