Pit meaning in hindi | Pit ka matlab 

Pit meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Pit 
Usage of Pit: 1: Cover the pit with earth. 2: The pit saw took at least 2 men to operate. 3: One stood in the pit - the pitman 4: The pit saw is also known as a whipsaw. 5: The matrix within the pit will eventually become an enamel rod 6: This steeplechase pit can be placed either inside or outside the track 7: The poor performance of the Ferrari pit crews was considered a running joke. 8: This penalty involves going into the pit lane and stopping for 10 seconds. 9: Schumacher turned into the pit lane to serve his penalty. 10: The bone exhibits a large round pit
Pit ki paribhasha : vah gadhdha jisamen musalamaana, isaai, yahoodi aadi apane murde gaadte hain vah vyorevaar paracha jo apana baaki rupaya paane ke liye kisi denadaar ke saamane pesh kiya jaata hai sinh ki maaand ya gupha lakadi aadi ka bad poola ya gatta

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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