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Provide meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Provide 
Usage of Provide: 1: Holy communion on festival days provide social life. 2: In Board exams some schools provide writing pads also with answer sheets. 3: The Secretary of state for sports provide opportunities to the talent. 4: Measurements of distance and time provide a quantitative picture.
Export wheat without quantitative limitation.
5: The mountain chain of Tirumala Hills provide a beautiful scenery. 6: Chandra Babu Naidu wants to provide an object-lesson in the use of computers for efficient governance. 7: Banks provide lockers to their customers for the safe custody of valuables. 8: Young rabbits provide food for a variety of predators. 9: Some statehomes provide protectiveness to the orphans. 10: We will provide for the committee in the budget .
Provide ki paribhasha : ek chhoti aur asprashy jaati jo snjukt praant aur bihaar men paayi jaati hai kisi kaam ko chalaana kisi vastu par se apana svatv hataakar usapar doosare ka svatv sthaapit karana shabdon dvaara abhipraay prakat karana do ya adhik vastuon ko paraspar is prakaar milaana ki ek ka koi paarsha्v ya ang doosare ke kisi paarsha्v ya ang ke saath dradhataapoorvak laga rahe

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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