Throbbing meaning in hindi | Throbbing ka matlab 

Throbbing meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Throbbing 
Usage of Throbbing: 1: the throbbing of the engines 2: Her heart was throbbing with a new hope and a new life . 3: It a continual throbbing heart of 4: It has a throbbing artery in the neck, to the eyelid 5: One often sees throbbing head newborn children, the location of the fontanelle 6: It also said affectionately Movement and suffered the soul; and in this sense, it is not usual in the plural and in this phrase, the throbbing of the soul to God 7: Sharp pain, acute, violent, burning, tearing, throbbing
Throbbing ki paribhasha : bhaar dalate hue jamin par padne ki dhvani haath ki bah raktavah naali jisaki chaal se rog ko pahachaan ki jaati hai

Usage of Throbbing in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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