Undecided meaning in hindi | Undecided ka matlab 

Undecided meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Undecided 
Usage of Undecided: 1: A point remained undecided 2: be undecided in business, losing time nothings 3: He knows what he wants said of a man undecided or inconstant in its resolutions 4: Hebrew Grammar It is said of the Letters were undecided 5: I am still undecided on what I have to do 6: I'm still undecided party that I will take 7: In terms of chess, Re said when a party nor the one nor the other players can not give checkmate to that against which it plays, the game remains undecided and must start the 8: Including two kinds of form is undecided 9: It also means Who is irresolute, undecided 10: It was undecided as to the course he should take this new determined the

Usage of Undecided in sentences

The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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