Unfit meaning in hindi | Unfit ka matlab 

Unfit meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Unfit 
Usage of Unfit: 1: He was certified unfit for playing. 2: After the fire the Monterey was declared unfit for service 3: Selected to replace the unfit Archie Jackson in the NSW team 4: He claimed Tassilo was an unfit ruler on account of his oath-breaking. 5: A young man unfit for military service 6: A young man unfit for military service 7: Action Chemistry distort certain substances to make them unfit food and set aside for industrial use 8: Alcohol, denatured sugar, alcohol, sugar, by mixing certain substances, are rendered unfit for consumption and for industrial use 9: Barbarie language, style, thought of Ways talking coarse and unfit 10: He was declared unfit

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The word can be used as verb, adjective or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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