Whim meaning in hindi | Whim ka matlab 

Whim meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Whim 
Usage of Whim: 1: Thus, writs were issued at the whim of the King. 2: Jim follows another whim and deserts his companions 3: dummy Need, That has created self, which is the effect of a habit, a whim 4: Follow her whim 5: He did this on a whim and not because 6: I'll spend the whim 7: It also means if play something, dispose arbitrarily, according to his whim 8: It also says a Certain freedom, a whim of imagination that gives approval to a work of the mind 9: It governs more than a whim because 10: It inspired him a whim rather than love
Whim ki paribhasha : paani ki vah uchhaal jo hava lagane ke kaaran hoti hai koi kaam karane ki aisi dhun jisamen aaga pichha ya bhala bura na soojhe man men kisi prakaar ki chinta karana hava ke jhonke se ek doosare ke pichhe ooanchi uthati hui jal ki raashi brahma ke chaar maanas putron men se ek

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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