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Transliterated examples :
1. He must, before entering into force within the company, be subject to the opinion of the works council if there is one or the views of staff representatives 2. In 1930, von Fritsch is one of the most influential members of the general staff and his ideas are adopted by most of his colleagues 3. In addition, staff participation to its own management is institutionalized in some countries: Whitley Councils in England, joint administrative committees in France 4. In all social organization, public authority feels the need to rely on specialized staff to ensure the implementation of its decisions and management tasks for which it has responsibility 5. On the extreme left, the Communist Party resumed opposition uncompromising attitude he had had for much of the interwar period, but with parliamentary and electoral staff about two times higher than in 1936

Given are the examples of hindi word karapaalikaa usage in english sentences. The examples of karapaalikaa are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., staff, club, nightstick, cudgel, stave, baton, truncheon, goad, sap, blackjack, bludgeon, cosh, sword, brand, saber, sabre, foil, bilbo.

It has a complex organisation structure in which actual production is in the hands of several skilled artisans and marketing is done by staff at branches such as the one managed by Suhasini.

The various functions of a manager are usually discussed in the order given above, suggesting that a manager first plans, then organises, puts staff in position, then directs, and finally controls.
This is what Rajat has to say about the challenges of his job: In the capacity of the country manager the global manager has to deal with establishing his company s legal and business presence in the form of a local office or business partner, contacting and negotiating with clients, with legal bodies including lawyers and immigration authorities since the services involve having technical staff from India to be based in USA/Europe, as also with local companies offering recruitment services.
For a long time, when a consumer was not happy with a particular brand product or shop, he or she generally avoided buying that brand product, or would stop purchasing from that shop.
Reji s suffering shows how a hospital, due to negligence by the doctors and staff in giving anaesthesia, crippled a student for life.
A manager may come across highly committed and hardworking staff or lazy, evasive and superficial workers.
Gently but firmly he was escorted by the security staff back home to an anxious and angry mother.
Generally insect pests attack the plants in three ways: they cut the root, stem and leaf, they suck the cell sap from various parts of the plant, and they bore into stem and fruits.
Pancake was the brand name of the make-up material that Gemini Studios bought in truck-loads.
The staff of Gemini Studios had a nice time hosting two hundred people of all hues and sizes of at least twenty nationalities.
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