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हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण Usage and Example of jangam 1. Guiraud on 20,000 now living strains words, 22 p 2. Ideal symbolized by the Elegantiae (1444) of Lorenzo Valla and kills living Latin scholars, theologians, and logicians 3. Imaginary creatures, such as living forms are both the products and the clues from their environment (Taine, Philos 4. It seems very likely that Mars harbors no living system today 5. It was an attempt to create a living statistic, "wrote S

Given are the examples of hindi word jangam usage in english sentences. The examples of jangam are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., mobile, movable.

Thus, the presence of the pi (?) bond makes alkenes behave as sources of loosely held mobile electrons.

The latest models of digital cameras, mobile phones and televisions made by the leading manufacturers of the world are within our reach.
Telecommunication facilities (telegraph, telephone including mobile phones, fax) are used to contact one another around the world, to access information instantly, and to communicate from remote areas.
Electrons are mobile and, therefore, graphite conducts electricity along the sheet.
Quartz is extensively used as a piezoelectric material; it has made possible to develop extremely accurate clocks, modern radio and television broadcasting and mobile radio communications.
Some of your friends come to you with a letter of protest against a rule that has been recently announced, i.e. banning use of mobile phones in the school.
They distrusted mobile craftsmen and traders who hawked their goods in villages, and pastoralists who changed their places of residence every season, moving in search of good pastures for their herds.
One way in which the mass media earns money is by advertising different things like cars, chocolates, clothes, mobile phones, etc.
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