English to Tamil dictionary words starting with d

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d aeda turadadactylis spi catadag gerdaggerdahatdaily accountsdaily allotted workdaily allowance for the expenditure of a templedaily allowance to a temple fordaily allowancedaily almsdaily anointing of an idol for forty daysdaily at the templedaily bathing of an idol with ganges waterdaily bathing of the idoldaily expensesdaily fortunedaily hiredaily morning wor shipdaily motion of a planetdaily motion of the moondaily motion of the sun in his apparent orbitdaily motion of the sundaily newsdaily occupationsdaily offering made by fire kept always burningdaily paydaily practice of religious dutiesdaily provisions allowed by native rajas to their officersdaily raindaily results of astrological configurations at the birth as written in some nativitiesdaily ritesdailydaindaintiesdaintilydaintinessdainty fooddainty roguedaintydakshadakshanagniyamdal bergia latifoliadalber gia arboreadalbergia arboreadalbergia heterophylladalbergia latifoliadalbergiadalliancedally with a womandallydallyingdam aged graindam built of stonedam or bank of stonesdam or ridge for retaining water in fieldsdam seldam to stop running waterdamdama sonium indicumdamage by wild beastsdamagedamaged clothdamageddamasonium indicumdamayantidamming up water in channels for irrigationdamp floordamp weatherdampdampness as in landsdampness as of a floordampness of soildampness rising from the ground in the wet seasondampnessdamsakadamseldan druffdance and songdance around and singdance of indranee now continued in imitationdance of kamadance of skandadance of the god skandadance of the vaishnuvasdance of vishnudance with shoutingdancedancer in generaldancerdancersdancing after certain sacri fices to devilsdancing and music mastersdancing and singing girl of a templedancing as a snake its headdancing as an art or sciencedancing attendance on a courtdancing back and forthdancing girl of one of his templesdancing girldancing in a play or dramadancing in generaldancing masterdancing mastersdancing of a harlequindancing of devilsdancing of sivadancing or actingdancing or operations of sivadancing or play actingdancing roomdancing schooldancing song used in comediesdancing to time as heatendancing tunesdancing vehementlydancing with violent gesticulationsdancing woman of the templedancing womandancingdandling a childdandlingdandruff in the hairdandruffdandydanger from public authority as the result of an astrological calculationdanger of affliction from five principal things as ascertained by astrologydanger of diseasedanger of fire as an astrological result of the ag gregate of five itemsdanger of inundationdanger of lifedanger of thievesdanger or appre hension from governmentdanger or fear of firedangerdangerous deceitdangerous diseasedangerous kind of measlesdangerous kind of small poxdangerous or critical timesdangerous professiondangerous snakedangerous tu mor in the arm pitdangerous tumor in the throatdangerous way or system as of religiondangerousdanglerdansingdaradodaring confidencedaring exploitdaring heroismdaring impietydaring intrepiditydaring minddaring or courageous persondaring persondaring rivalrydaring villaindaringdark betel nuts not yet turned reddark betel nutsdark bird with white breast which nestles in the sand at duskdark blue colordark browndark bulldark circle in the pupil of the eyedark clouds in july regarded as indicative of plentiful rains in the ensuing monsoonsdark colordark colored hawkdark colored persondark colored serpentdark forestdark half of a lunar monthdark half of the moondark kind of eruptiondark kind of gourddark kind of graindark kind of gramdark kind of resin used medicinallydark kind of ricedark leaf ever greendark leprosydark metaldark milletdark of black persondark only in the latter part of the nightdark or heavy clouddark or rainy seasondark part of the moons agedark red colordark red cowdark red kind of ricedark red plantaindark reddark species of hornetdark species of parrotdark tulasy