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t descendt dive for chankst pick or pluck offta atropurpureata bernacleta citurn manta citurnitytable clothtable dhotetable giving the length of the months in daystable landtable of cardstable of compound letters in sanskrittable of contentstable of dry measure for ricetable of equationstable of squarestable of the asterisms in the moons pathtable of the moons given longitudes from apogee and daily motions for two hundred and forty eight daystable of these equationstable of weights for the precious metalstable or any tabular number in it for counting the progress of the planetstable with folding legstabletables used in deter mining the passage of planets from one sign to anothertablet for a kind of playtablet with fourteen holes for playtablet with fourteen holestablettabor of various kinds as beaten for public proclamationtabortaborine of an oval formtaborstabourtabourstabretstabular correction for the parallax of the orbit from the first of capricornus to cancertabular correction for the parallax of the orbit of the planetstabular correction of the parallax of the orbit from the first of cancertabular radiustaca pinnatifidataciturn persontaciturntaciturnitytaciturnlytackletackling of a shiptackling the arms together behind the backtacklingtacttadpoletagetes erectatagetestahsidars inquirytail hairs of the bos grunnienstail of a cow white at the endtail of a pea cocktail of a peacocktail of a quadrupedtail of an elephanttail of some animalstail of the bos grunniens used as a fantail of the bosgrunnienstailtailortailorstainttainting its operationstake a beveragetake a drivetake a jaunttake a steptake a turntake accounttake anything heavy on the arms or on the headtake as ones owntake away a herd or a single beasttake away lifetake awaytake by force or stealthtake care fortake care oftake caretake charge oftake counseltake couragetake effecttake foodtake great care oftake heed oftake heedtake his moneytake hold of againtake hold oftake hold with the mouthtake in handtake intake into servicetake medi cinetake off clothestake one intake outtake placetake possessiontake refuge with onetake refugetake resttake shelter with onetake soundingstake the conse quencestake the responsibility oftake the utmost pains by labortake the wrong directiontake thistake up in the hollow of the hand as watertake uptaketaken at harvesttaken by the officiating priesttaken distributivelytaken for the last day of the yeartaken from certain birds that frequent rivers in ceylontaken from each marcal by the servants at the public storetaken home for the sick to dispel diseasestaken in making oath in courttaken in the following order 1taken intaken individuallytaken off lengthwisetaken on the shouldertaken up after some yearstakentakes hold of the extended foottaking a brisk purgetaking a child on the back and cryingtaking a directiontaking a drive for recreationtaking a faintish bluetaking a film from the eyetaking a mortgage or pledgetaking a pack on ones backtaking a ridetaking a seattaking a woman by unfair meanstaking all the seven pebbles in the land and tos sing them singlytaking an excursiontaking anothers parttaking away lifetaking away ones lifetaking awaytaking bangtaking care oftaking double trouble with a thingtaking each other with out stretched armstaking effect of poison in the bodytaking faint notice oftaking foodtaking from both partiestaking hold oftaking holdtaking in handtaking leave of friends for a journeytaking liberties with a superiortaking liberties with ones persontaking libertiestaking measurestaking no improper advantagetaking no responsibilitytaking oblations to the templetaking of a child into the open airtaking of almstaking off the mantletaking or bearing a name or titletaking or obtaining a titletaking out ricetaking painstaking par ticular noticetaking refuge in a housetaking refuge with onetaking refugetaking resttaking small quantities as birdstaking sweets to excesstaking the badge of marriage from a widowtaking the brides hand as a part of the marriage ceremonytaking the degree of ascetic when at the point of death as brahmanstaking up a handful of watertaking up armstaking up at one lift as a child or other light thingtaking uptakingtale bearertale bearing and calumnytale bearingtale of war and bat tlestaletalent in compositiontalenttalentstales told of one secretly