English to Tamil dictionary words starting with y

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yac or bos grunniensyacyak or bos grunniensyakyali a fabulous beastyamyama as holding the cord of deathyama as the just arbiteryama the god of deathyama the hindu plutoyama the regent of the deadyamayard arm in a vesselyard or enclosureyardyarnyawnyawning from drowsinessyawningyeyeanedyeaningyear of salivakanayear of the gods of swergayear of the godsyear reck oned from the true equinoxyearyearly balanceyearlyyearn afteryearnyearning as of a motheryearningyears of mortals meas uring the duration of the wordyearsyeast ballyel low color compounded with blackyel low sulphuret of arsenicyel lowyel lowish coloryellow and greenyellow by ageyellow caterpillaryellow coloryellow cord which the hindus tie with a piece of turmeric to the right arm of the bride groom and the left arm of the brideyellow fragrant woodyellow jasmineyellow kind of mushroomyellow kind of riceyellow metalyellow milletyellow ochreyellow oleanderyellow or gold coloryellow or gold colored clothyellow orpimentyellow powder kept by in a little boxyellow ripe fruityellow spreading spots on the skin in femalesyellow sulphuret of arsenicyellow thistleyellow thread or yarnyellow within when brokenyellowyellowish and spreading spots on the skinyellowish coloryellowish micayellowish redyellownessyesyester dayyesteryesterdayyetyield in argumentyield to superiorsyield to the first impressions of loveyield toyieldyielding a good fruityielding a harshyielding chittagong woodyielding disposi tionyielding full enjoymentyielding golden flowersyielding in games of competitionyielding in mindyielding large fruitsyielding leaves of narcotic and intoxicating qualities much used by smokersyielding personyielding to a victor or rivalyielding to pres sureyielding to pressure as soft groundyielding whatever is desiredyieldingyogasyogiyogis staffyoke of an ox or horse in ploughing or in carriageyoke of oxen with a prefix of numberyoke of oxenyokeyolk of an eggyonderyou cannot makeyou have spent it in vainyou madeyou must have come by mis takeyou must not allow that vagabond to be hereyouyoung and immature fruityoung and tender leafyoung animalyoung areca treeyoung arecayoung assyoung beetleyoung branchyoung brotheryoung bullockyoung calfyoung camelyoung chil drenyoung childyoung cocoa nut leavesyoung cocoa nuts on which the shell is unformedyoung cow that has not calvedyoung cowyoung creeperyoung damselyoung dogyoung ear of cornyoung ears of corn not yet shot forthyoung ears of cornyoung edible palmyra rootsyoung elephant when unable to walkyoung elephantyoung fellowyoung female elephantyoung flower budyoung fruit out of seasonyoung fruit resembling a floweryoung fruits of which are cut off that the juice may flow from the stalkyoung fry of fishesyoung gentlemanyoung grassyoung greensyoung hairyoung hirelingyoung horseyoung in the wombyoung jack fruityoung jack treeyoung jackalyoung ladyoung ladyyoung leafyoung leavesyoung lineyoung lizardyoung louseyoung male buffaloyoung male elephantyoung male sheepyoung man in his sixteenth yearyoung man of sixteen years oldyoung man or woman rather shortyoung manyoung moonyoung of a cocoa nutyoung of a crowyoung of an animalyoung of animals living on the branches of treesyoung of animalsyoung of birds in generalyoung of birdsyoung of deeryoung of elephantsyoung of frogsyoung of haresyoung of monkeys and other creatures living in treesyoung of monkeysyoung of plantain treesyoung of several creaturesyoung of the buffaloyoung of the elephantyoung of the feathered and flying racesyoung of the swineyoung of trees and some vegetablesyoung oneyoung onesyoung pal myra tree thick with leavesyoung pal myra treeyoung palmy ra tree with the dried leaves still adhering to it strunkyoung palmyra fruit before the pulp is well formedyoung palmyra fruityoung palmyra roots split and dried for foodyoung palmyra treeyoung palmyrayoung person or thing