Aggressive meaning in hindi | Aggressive ka matlab 

Aggressive meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Aggressive 
Usage of Aggressive: 1: an aggressive businessman 2: The cancer responded to the aggressive therapy 3: His style of arguement in meetings is not so aggressive as pertinacious. 4: he is destructively aggressive 5: Henin has a very aggressive 6: The new mogwai are much more aggressive than Gizmo. 7: His aggressive use of the federal government re-energized the Democratic Party 8: Roosevelt responded with an aggressive program of stimulation 9: Heavy metal is a form of music characterized by aggressive 10: Betting on the speedy success of aggressive tactics
Aggressive ki paribhasha : kshatriy pita aur shoodra maata se utpann ek snkar jaati baat baat men lad jaanavaala

Aggressive synonyms
contentious intrusive combative threatening destructive antipathetic barbaric bellicose disruptive disturbing martial militant offensive pugnacious quarrelsome rapacious warlike advancing assailing attacking encroaching hawkish intruding invading tough bold zealous forceful dynamic cocky vigorous smart energetic brassy cheeky come on domineering enterprising flip fresh hard sell imperious masterful nervy pushing pushy sassy strenuous assertory get up and go go after shooting from the hip smart alecky
Aggressive antonyms
laid-back complaisant calm easy-going meek timid apathetic lethargic impotent inactive idle weak shy dull slow 
Usage of Aggressive in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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