Agitate meaning in hindi | Agitate ka matlab 

Agitate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Agitate 
Usage of Agitate: 1: also said figuratively A stirring people a restless nation, a people, a nation easy to agitate and eager for change 2: Chinese Hat, Musical Instrument, which mainly consists of a copper disk or hat with bells and attached to the top of a handle which is used to agitate able 3: Coming to the point, the question, the discussion of a case, the conclusion Talking about the thing in question agitate the question, discuss a case, enter 4: If agitate violently stir 5: Imposing silence on the passions, the repress, prevent them from disturbing the soul, they will agitate 6: In terms of Arts, he refers by analogy Action to move, to agitate for an operation 7: It also means figuratively If agitate in a hostile manner, revolt 8: It is sometimes used figuratively, speaking of a country that agitate Disorders 9: POSSESSION also said Passions, feelings who master the soul, agitate and err 10: The desire and fear are the passions that agitate us as
Agitate ki paribhasha : parichit aur anurakt karana

Agitate synonyms
churn beat toss rock convulse rouse stir concuss work up perturb excite alarm confuse distract inflame fluster incite disconcert move examine arouse debate craze discompose ventilate disquiet bug worry ferment dispute ruffle flurry spook discuss upset unhinge argue stimulate egg on turn on bug up burn up get to make flip psych push buttons
Agitate antonyms
calm lull quiet soothe tranquilize not bother appease comfort pacify reassure organize explain discourage order clarify agree go along please 
Usage of Agitate in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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