All around meaning in hindi | All around ka matlab 

All around meaning in hindi

How to pronounce All around 
Usage of All around: 1: He is an expert in blowing smoke-rings.
In inteligence dept. some people have made spy-ring.
In circus spectators sit all around out side the circus-ring.
Please put the kettle on the ring.
2: I distributed many gifts all around to everyone . 3: Tourists came from all around the Soviet Union and neighbouring countries 4: Conflicts and battles of the War ravaged the area all around Thomas' home 5: There are colleges, primary schools and nurseries dotted all around the city. 6: There are hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails all around the lake. 7: It's celebrated with concerts and firework displays all around Rio 8: These parallels have been drawn from all around the world 9: Tehran faced a large migration of people from all around Iran. 10: Rather than launching one simultaneous attack all around the perimeter
All around ki paribhasha : vah ek baat ya gun jo kisi jaati ya varg ki sab chijon men samaan roop se paaya jaay

All around synonyms
comprehensive diverse resilient flexible compliant malleable ac-dc adjustable changeable conformable convertible ductile plastic pliable supple tractable variable alterable moldable can-do easy-going hanging loose modifiable switch-hitting proficient capable efficient decent skilled adequate adapted appropriate au fait clever complete crisp endowed enough equal fit fool good on the ball pertinent polished satisfactory savvy sufficient suitable wicked being a pistol dynamite fireball know ins and outs know the answers know the ropes know the score no slouch there up to it up to snuff up to speed know one's business know one's stuff paid one's dues accessible available handy immediate adjacent adjoining at hand central close contiguous next on tap at elbows at fingertips close at hand close-by easy to reach in neighborhood next door nigh on deck within reach under one's nose omnipresent ubiquitous far and wide overall throughout universally here and there high and low all over all over creation all over the map here till sunday in all quarters in each place in every direction in every place inside and out near and far pole to pole the world over ubiquitously wherever experienced talented knowledgeable licensed accomplished trained equipped proved tried instructed tested examined practiced fitted adept expert proper veteran disciplined certified catechized quizzed war-horse flawless smooth consummate perfected cultured classic elegant exquisite impeccable masterly professional suave urbane catholic collective generic diffuse infinite total blanket across-the-board all-inclusive ample ecumenical encyclopedic endless extensive far-reaching indiscriminate limitless miscellaneous unlimited worldwide unconfined comprehending all-embracing taken as a whole international all-out cosmic cosmopolitan earthly exhaustive grand mundane planetary spherical thorough pandemic unbounded full umbrella all the options all together ball-of-wax catchall in toto wall-to-wall without exception scenic all-encompassing panned wide-ranging bird's-eye wholesale radical exaggerated out-and-out unqualified vast overstated overdrawn thorough-going whole-hog gifted skillful functional resourceful adroit conversant dexterous elastic facile ingenuous mobile ready varied ambidextrous all-purpose puttylike excellent expansive extended widespread wide-reaching large far-ranging various
All around antonyms
rigid intractable nonconforming inflexible stiff unadaptable incompetent unable unskilled impotent incapable unsuitable insufficient inadequate inefficient inept unqualified inappropriate inconvenient ineffectual inopportune unsuited far out-of-the-way unavailable unhandy awkward distant unuseful nowhere ignorant inexperienced incorrect unlimited unrestricted unfit unproficient untalented open uncultivated unfinished unsophisticated incomplete held stored crude unrefined kept saved specific exclusive confined abnormal extraordinary individual novel unusual narrow particular partial exceptional rare unaccepted uncommon unique circumscribed definite exact singular local incomprehensive superficial needy dull unadjustable similar same 
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The word is used as adjective adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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