All the way meaning in hindi | All the way ka matlab 

All the way meaning in hindi

How to pronounce All the way 
Usage of All the way: 1: she climbed the mountain all the way 2: Anne all the way down to Les Salines are very popular. 3: Mary, all the way to later works such as . 4: Marv Wolfman's Batman, everybody's Batman all the way back to Bob Kane. 5: While the old canal ran next to the Mohawk River all the way to Rome

All the way synonyms
unconditionally ultimately perfectly absolutely altogether effectively finally utterly thoroughly quite totally competently en masse exclusively extensively unabridged unanimously conclusively exhaustively comprehensively from a to z from beginning to end heart and soul hook line and sinker in all in entirety in full in toto on all counts painstakingly solidly to the end to the limit to the max to the nth degree undividedly without omission completion apex climax pinnacle finish acme zenith noon consummation top finale crown maximum meridian height summit perfection payoff apogee peak critical mass ne plus ultra punch line blow off capper crowning touch all-out full blast head over heels lickety-split at a good clip in full gallop the whole nine yards unrestrainedly wide open without reservation for all one's worth entirely positively intimately outright royal all out every inch from soup to nuts through and through without exaggeration clear square well slap bang correctly sharp exactly just squarely truly genuinely smack-dab factually all-inclusive assiduous careful circumstantial conscientious detailed efficient in-depth itemized meticulous minute particular plenty scrupulous sweeping tough blow-by-blow full-dress all-embracing clocklike particularized slam-bang whole-hog roundly all in all in every respect one-hundred percent top to bottom inside out in and out up and down
All the way antonyms
partially incompletely partly inadequately anticlimax nadir introduction commencement beginning start bottom base opening insufficiently inaccurately incorrectly unfairly unjustly indirectly wrongly inappropriately unsuitably superficial unfinished deficient imperfect inexhaustive inclusively 
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The word is used as adjective adverb, noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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