Answer meaning in hindi | Answer ka matlab 

Answer meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Answer 
Usage of Answer: 1: He gave me an indefinite answer i.e. neither `yes nor `no. 2: You always answer incorrectly. 3: Thief gave evasive_ answer to the police
Evasive-answer of a student made the teacher angry.
4: he hired someone to answer his fan mail 5: This question cries out for an answer 6: May I remind you to answer his letter? 7: I will answer only for my own misdeeds . 8: I answer only to the boss . 9: I answer to the name Walter . 10: I don't know the answer .
Answer ki paribhasha : ek padaarth men doosara padaarth dalana do padaarthon ka tal aapas men milana chitr ko sab or se hataakar brahm ki or lagaana shabdon dvaara abhipraay prakat karana kisi samasya ka samaadhaan ya uttar ishaan aur vaayavy kon ke bich ki disha kisi prashn ya baat ko sun athava padhakar usake samaadhaan ke liye kahi ya likhi hui baat

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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