Arm meaning in hindi | Arm ka matlab 

Arm meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Arm 
Usage of Arm: 1: She sat on the arm of the chair. 2: he released his clasp on my arm 3: our pitcher has a sore arm 4: Police make use of strong arm methods against criminals. 5: He broke his arm on the steps . 6: It cost an arm and a leg, so I didn't buy it . 7: I fell out of bed and broke my arm . 8: The Old Boers urged Smuts' opponents to arm themselves 9: Without retracting his right arm 10: Koufax threw with a pronounced over-the-top arm action.
Arm ki paribhasha : vah chakkar ya ghumaav jo kisi lachili ya naram vastu ko badhaane ya ghumaane se bich bich men pad jaay praachin RRishi ka naam jo paraashar ke pita the haath se pakadkar kaam men laane ki saadhanavastu kndhe se nikalakar dnd ke roop men gaya pahanane ke kapade ka vah bhaag jo baaanh ke dhankata hai kisi bhaari aujaar ka vah bhaag jo haath se pakad jaata ho aparaadhi ko dnd dene ka kaashth ka ek yntr

Usage of Arm in sentences

The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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