Assumptions meaning in hindi | Assumptions ka matlab 

Assumptions meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Assumptions 
Usage of Assumptions: 1: any society is built upon certain assumptions 2: But using different assumptions about the special-relativistic frames 3: Williams challenged the long-held assumptions of "orthodox" accounts 4: These early Taoist texts reject numerous basic assumptions of Confucianism 5: Contrary to popular assumptions 6: Game theorists respond by comparing their assumptions to those used in physics. 7: Thus while their assumptions do not always hold 8: Under the same constant gravity assumptions 9: But are these assumptions accurate? 10: After many iterations and various "enemy capability" assumptions
Assumptions ki paribhasha : soorya, chndr ya kisi doosare aakaashachaari pind ki jyoti ki aavaran jo drashti aur us pind ke madhy men kisi doosare aakaashachaari pind ke aa jaane ke kaaran usaki chhaaya padne se hota hai athava us pind aur use jyoti pahuanchaanevaale pind ke madhy men aa padnevaale kisi any pind ki chhaaya padne se hota hai vah shakti jisamen koi baat man men dhaaran ki jaati hai nyaay ke anusaar pramaan ke chaar bhedo men se ek

Assumptions synonyms
presumption guess hunch theory inference acceptance expectation supposition hypothesis premise suspicion belief conjecture shot fancy postulation stab presupposition postulate surmise shot in the dark supposal theorization accepting sneaking suspicion appropriation undertaking usurpation seizure adoption grab arrogation acquisition takeover embracing shouldering taking on taking up nerve chutzpah sass conceit self-importance brass pride insolence cockiness imperiousness
Assumptions antonyms
reality measurement disbelief knowledge doubt genuineness naturalness realness truth proof fact unexpected rejection modesty shyness humility timidity 
Usage of Assumptions in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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