Attribute meaning in hindi | Attribute ka matlab 

Attribute meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Attribute 
Usage of Attribute: 1: We attribute our success to your good advice . 2: Each of the 19 months is given a name which is an attribute of God 3: Rudra is called "The Archer" and the arrow is an essential attribute of Rudra. 4: Mass is also the prime attribute by which planets are distinguished from stars. 5: The police attribute these deaths to Sunni and Shi’ite death squads. 6: Other examples of its use with some attribute or epithet are: El `Elyon 7: Various scholars attribute different characteristics to fascism 8: " "used to be known for embodying the attribute of comprehensiveness 9: Some entities may have more than one Key attribute . 10: In projection, people attribute their own traits to others .
Attribute ki paribhasha : vah jo kisi prakaar ki visheshata utpann karata ya batalaaya ho kisi pady ya gady ke aadi ya ant ke kuchh shabd likhakar ya padhakar us poore vaaky ka pata batalaana varta्tamaan avasarpini ke gyaarahaven arhat kisi padaarth ki vah visheshata jisake dvaara vah pahachaana jaay ek pratyay jo snkhyaavaachak shabdon ke aage lagata hai aur utani hi baar kisi vishesh snkhyaa, maatra ya parimaan ko soochit karata hai

Attribute synonyms
peculiarity idiosyncrasy quirk trait facet virtue aspect characteristic quality point symbol mark note indication property particularity speciality trace associate blame credit connect apply refer charge impute lay reference accredit account for hang on pin on fix upon hold responsible
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The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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