Automatically meaning in hindi | Automatically ka matlab 

Automatically meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Automatically 
Usage of Automatically: 1: he answered automatically 2: There is a specialised museum of automatically playing musical instruments. 3: Unlike windows, pixmaps are not automatically shown on the screen. 4: Recorded votes are automatically held in some cases 5: A convicted official is automatically removed from office

Automatically synonyms
naturally unquestionably undoubtedly accordingly consequently fundamentally indubitably of course perforce positively willy-nilly no doubt as a matter of course axiomatically by definition by its own nature cardinally come what may compulsorily exigently from within incontrovertibly ineluctably inescapably inexorably irresistibly of necessity pressingly significantly unpreventably vitally without fail beyond one's control routinely systematically commonly faithfully repeatedly usually frequently customarily mechanically ordinarily habitually conventionally punctually recurrently religiously tirelessly unchangingly immediately impromptu ad-lib extemporaneously impulsively unwittingly unintentionally carelessly unknowingly abstractedly disregardfully heedlessly inattentively neglectfully thoughtlessly unthinkingly
Automatically antonyms
doubtfully questionably unnecessarily uncommonly unusually erratically irregularly unevenly deliberately intentionally knowingly consciously willfully 
Usage of Automatically in sentences

The word is used as adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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