Bark meaning in hindi | Bark ka matlab 

Bark meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bark 
Usage of Bark: 1: The sparrow sat on the bark of the tree. 2: We get tannin from the bark of oak trees. 3: They used snow shoes, birch bark canoes and conical or domed lodges. 4: The first effective treatment for malaria was the bark of cinchona tree 5: Cinchona bark was also used to create the anti-malaria drug quinine. 6: Both wood and bark cells of trees have secondary walls. 7: Tshai Lun then initiated the idea of making paper from the bark of trees 8: A large number of birch bark letters have been unearthed in excavations 9: a tree bark 10: A tree bark that
Bark ki paribhasha : pedon ke dhad aur kaand par ka aavaran pedon ke dhad auk kaand par ka aavaran kisi vastu ka chhilaka ya chhaal utaarana bhooan bhooan ya bhau bhaun shabd karana kurton ka pedon ke dhad, shaakhaa, tahani aur jad ke oopar ka aavaran jo kisi kisi men mota aur kad hota hai aur kisi men patala aur mulaayam

Bark synonyms
husk crust skin case casing shell cortex coat rind peeling growl roar yap bay snarl grunt howl woof yip cry snap gnarl arf grumble mutter yell clamor bellow bawl
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The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or intransitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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