Build in meaning in hindi | Build in ka matlab 

Build in meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Build in 
Usage of Build in: 1: They are also extremely inexpensive and simple to build in time of war 2: He began to build in such a place, they were forbidden by decree to bypass him 3: It is forbidden to build in a certain perimeter around strong or strong

Build in synonyms
incorporate receive cover introduce add combine consist of have enter carry encompass hold comprise build count interpolate implicate entail encircle interject number bear comprehend constitute admit embrace inject insert embody enclose subsume append accommodate take in take into account allow for be composed of be made up of cut in on make allowance for make room for number among teem with work in plant institute invest fix station place lay inaugurate lodge settle ensconce position line furnish induct fix up instate put in
Build in antonyms
exclude erase subtract decrease lack need estimate guess unloose refuse shun deny reject release eliminate divide drop separate abandon forget withdraw want stop fail remove let go take out neglect disorder disorganize unsettle disarrange take away close end displace leave 
Usage of Build in in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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